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How they work?

Air is blown into the BIODIGESTER by an electrically powered compressor mounted normally within 10 metres of the sewage treatment plant. The air is diffused from the bottom of the central chamber. This increased oxygen supply accelerates the activity of the naturally occurring micro-organism which degrade the solids to a clear effluent and a non toxic sludge.


The plastic media is used to provide a high surface area for the micro-organisms to adhere to and also, as it is mobile, to facilitate rapid degradation of solid matter.


The diffused air also operates as an ‘Air Lift’ which recirculates solids from the outer ‘Settlement Chamber’ to the inner ‘Treatment Chamber’. This recirculation also ensures that both chambers remain aerobic. The process runs continuously 24 hours a day.


The plant is designed to conform to the requirements of BS6297.1983 (Code of practice for design and installation of small sewage treatment works and cesspools)