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'T' Range

6-42 Persons

T9 T12 T18 T24 T30 T36 T42 T6

'BONUS' Range

55-100 Persons

'Standard' Range

100 - 2000 Persons

55 70 85 100 100-500

'Standard' Range

The Biodigester 'Standard' range is a bespoke system for the treatment of sewage / waste water for populations or Population Equivalent (PE) up to 2000 or higher using a suitable primary settlement tank or tanks followed by Biodigester Bonus waste water treatment units in parallel.


The second option is ‘Design & Build’ on site using the Biodigester ‘EK’ system which consists of all the components required to install an operational Biodigester into locally constructed tanks. Burnham Environmental Services can either supply the Biodigester ‘EK’ components or undertake the whole project.


Each project is assessed for loading, which may be from sources such as domestic housing, hotels, inns, restaurants or caravan sites. The specific effluent quality required is the second design factor to be included.


Each Biodigester 'Standard' has a four stage process the first two of which are for the primary settlement of solids. The third stage is a 'Submerged Aerated Filter' (SAF) fed with a supply of air so that naturally occurring micro-organisms degrade the waste water to a high degree in the presence of oxygen. The final stage of the treatment process is settlement of the secondary solids which are generated within the aerated filter process. These solids are automatically returned to the primary settlement chambers for storage. The sludge return system also has the important function of recycling effluent throughout the Biodigester.


The Biodigester 'Standard' is normally installed underground. Each Biodigester 'Standard' has a substantial retained volume that allows the advantage of extended emptying intervals. The process design ensures the suitability of the Biodigester 'Standard' for variable loadings.


Further details can be found in the 100-2000 population Biodigester Brochure.


Biodigester ‘Standard’ is suitable for:

  • Housing Developments

  • Hotels

  • Public Houses

  • Industrial Sites

  • Caravan Sites

  • Nursing and Retirement Homes

  • Leisure Facilities


100-500 sewage treatment