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'T' Range

6-42 Persons

T24 T30 T36 T42 T6

'BONUS' Range

55-100 Persons

'Standard' Range

100 - 2000 Persons

55 70 85 100 100-500


The 'T' range Biodigester is a 'Total Aeration' sewage / waste water treatment plant manufactured in glassfibre (GRP) for simple underground installation. A small air blower is used to provide a supply of air so that naturally occurring micro-organisms grow and degrade the waste water including solids. The final effluent produced is a clear odourless liquid suitable for discharge into a watercourse or a system of soakaway trenches.


The 'T' range Biodigester has the significant advantage of continuous recirculation without any underground moving parts. No septic sludge is stored and as a result the Biodigester product has a unique 'Odour Free' operation guarantee. A Biodigester treatment plant provides the modern environmentally friendly alternative to malodorous septic tanks and cesspools. The substantial retained volume of 'T' range Biodigesters provides a class leading prolonged emptying interval of typically 3 years. The Biodigester product is entirely suitable for variable loadings.


Biodigester Model T6 is suitable for:

  • Single house up to 5 bedrooms, unless holiday accommodation

  • Light industrial unit up to 18 persons

  • Single residential caravan


T6 datasheet.pdf

T9 septic tank T6 septic tank


Biodigester Model T9 is suitable for:

  • Single house up to 7 bedrooms

  • Light industrial unit

T12 sewage


Biodigester Model T12 is suitable for:

  • Large house or 2 houses


T12 datasheet.pdf


Biodigester Model T18 is suitable for:

  • 2 to 4 houses

  • Small hotel/pub


T18 datasheet.pdf

T18 sewage treatment T24 septic tank


Biodigester Model T24 is suitable for:

  • 3 to 6 houses

  • Small campsite

  • Small to medium hotel/pub


T24 datasheet.pdf

T30 septic tank


Biodigester Model T30 is suitable for:

  • 4 to 7 houses

  • Campsite

  • Hotel/pub/restaurant


T30 datasheet.pdf

T36 sewage smells


Biodigester Model T36 is suitable for:

  • 6 to 9 houses

  • Campsite

  • Hotel/pub/restaurant


T36 datasheet.pdf

T42 sewage treatment


Biodigester Model T42 is suitable for:

6-10 houses