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Shared Systems

Notes regarding the management of shared Sewage Treatment Plants:


The Environment Agency requires that a single person, body or company is legally responsible for the quality of the effluent discharge.


A legally constituted management company or alternative legally binding agreement is required, so that all the property owners are obliged to pay for the operation and maintenance of the system.


The management company would be the registered owner of the plant so far as the Environment Agency is concerned.

The house owners would become shareholders of the company. This obligation should be incorporated in the deed of sale to cover future changes of ownership.


The treatment plant should be serviced at regular intervals, dependent upon the size and type.


The treatment plant should be desludged at regular intervals, dependant on the model type and loading.


Power supply to the plant may be metered using a separate supply or a sub meter. The use of a sub meter avoids the costs of an additional standing charge.


A contingency fund is advisable to pay for the eventual replacement of parts.


Shareholder contributions must be collected on a regular basis.


The management company would normally appoint a secretary to co-ordinate all matters relating to the plant.


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