Bonus Range: 55-100 persons

The Biodigester Bonus Range of sewage / waste water treatment plants has four sizes suitable for populations of 55, 70, 85 and 100.

Each Biodigester Bonus may be supplied with a new primary settlement tank or may be added after an existing septic or primary tank subject to suitability checks. In either case the treatment process is as described for the Biodigester Standard with primary settlement, a Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF) and final settlement with an automatic sludge return and recycling system.

The glassfibre (GRP) Biodigester Bonus is normally installed underground. The highly efficient Biodigester process design readily caters for variable loadings at sites such as schools and caravan sites.




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We have installed seven or eight Biodigesters over the years and have never had to go back to one.

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