Servicing and maintenance

Air blower

The air blower is designed to operate continuously 24 hours a day. As with anything mechanical it will need maintenance so should be checked regularly.

The air filter should be changed annually.

The diaphragms should be changed every 3 years.

Full maintenance instructions are available as a download.

Integral pump

The pumps should be serviced annually.


Every month you should check the air blower. It should be checked to ensure that it is not running excessively hot. If it is this may indicate blockage in the air delivery system or that the air filter excessively dirty.

The integral pump should be checked regularly.

The discharge from the outlet should be clear and odourless. If it is not the following may apply:

  • Emptying may be required.
  • The plant may be overloaded.
  • There may be chemical interference with the process. E.g. hot fat being poured down the drain, excessive use of house hold cleaning chemicals.


If an integral pump is fitted it is recommended that a high level alarm is fitted. This comprises a float incorporating a switch and an externally mounted Xenon flashing beacon to alert of pump failure. These are available from us.

It is the responsibility of the plant owner to ensure that the terms of the “Consent to Discharge” are maintained. Consistent failure to do this can result in legal action.



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