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Existing wastewater assessments

See how to improve your current setup.

About the service

Do you have wastewater you need to treat, or a septic tank near the end of its practical life?

We offer assessments and reports on existing wastewater, sewage and industrial liquid effluent treatment plants, including overseas sites for larger systems.

As part of the service, we offer recommendations, costings and installation for replacements and/or additional treatment capacity.

Before you enquire

The information we need from you.

During your enquiries, please give the below information where possible:

  • Location

  • Type of treatment process

  • Description and composition of untreated liquid waste

  • Daily volume and flow pattern

  • Effluent quality required

  • Current sample results

We don't insist on all of this information but whatever you can provide will help.

Contact us to arrange your wastewater assessment

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Your eco-friendly way to treat and dispose of your property's wastewater

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