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Biodigester installation

Learn about how we can help you to install your Biodigester

Our installation experts


When you purchase one of our Biodigesters, we can recommend an expert to install it for you in line with the current UK regulations.


Our experts can arrange for an installation time and date to suit you.

Sometimes, we may need to deliver your Biodigester ahead of the installation date. If this is the case, we'll let you know well in advance and arrange a suitable delivery time and date.

How can I get you to install my Biodigester?

Contact us to be put in touch with one of our expert installers.


What to expect from your Biodigester installation


We'll deliver your Biodigester to your chosen location either on the installation date or at a pre-arranged prior date. If mechanical offloading is required, we'll agree this beforehand.


If we deliver your Biodigester before your installation date, you'll need to store it in a suitable location until installation.


Specific installation instructions are issued with quotations. Prior assessment of ground conditions may be required particularly consideration of the height of the water table.

Let us put you in touch with an expert installer


Need a Biodigester for your industry plant?

See our custom design service for industry wastewater now.

Can't see your Biodigester listed above?

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Your eco-friendly way to treat and dispose of your property's wastewater

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