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Custom design service

Biodigesters for variable loadings

About our custom design service

Need a Biodigester for a unique space, building or industry setting?

We can design and build a range of Biodigesters suitable for your needs.

Our custom design service is suitable for small property owners up to those needing to treat and dispose of industrial wastewater from businesses such as food processing waste, brewery waste and vehicle wash water.

Contact us to discuss your custom Biodigester

3 steps to your Biodigester

See what your Biodigester is needed for and the proposed size.


See which regulations your Biodigester needs to follow or contact us to find out.


Contact us to dicuss the best Biodigester for you.


Where is the wastewater you need to get rid of?


At a smaller application

6-42 people


In a pre-existing septic tank

In some applications


At a medium-sized application

55-100 people

On a boat

Or other small application

An industrial complex.

At a larger application

100-500 people

Automatic Car Wash

At an industrial plant

Brewery, food processing or car wash

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Your eco-friendly way to treat and dispose of your property's wastewater

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