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Tertiary reed beds

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Tertiary reed beds

In areas of strict water quality regulations, your wastewater may need to drain into a reed bed rather than a soakaway or watercourse.

In such a situation, we can help you to design and construct a reed bed.

How do I know if I need a reed bed?

Look at the regulations for treating and disposing of wastewater in your local authority, where you'll find the right advice on whether you'll need to drain wastewater into a reed bed.

If you'd prefer, you can contact us to talk through your requirements.

Further information

A tertiary reed bed is a form of extra treatment or Effluent Polishing for the Secondary Wastewater Effluent produced by a traditional or modern waste water/sewage treatment plant.

A Reed Bed may be advisable where a particularly stringent effluent quality is required or where effluent loss by evaporation and transpiration is required to protect a vulnerable watercourse or sensitive groundwater. Partial or Seasonal soakaways are a further option in this situation.

Construction of reed beds involves a gravel bed with reeds that need to be cut and maintained on a regular basis. Specific designs are prepared for each project and site.

Constructed wetlands

Where large areas of suitable land are available, ‘Constructed Wetlands’ become a further treatment option.

We can design a wetland to include features such as ponds and lagoons with reeds and willows.

Effluent may be lost by evaporation, transpiration and soakage.

We can consult on designs for each project and site.

Contact us to arrange your consultation

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