HB Range: Treatment plants for vessels

Biodigester HB waste water treatment systems for houseboats, barges and other vessels that treat Black Water or Grey Water or both combined.

Black Water is the waste from lavatories only.

Grey Water is the kitchen waste water and the remaining water other than Black Water from bathrooms/shower rooms.

Biodigester HB systems are designed and constructed in glassfibre (GRP) to suit each houseboat, barge or vessel dependent on the size and space available. The treatment process includes aeration and settlement. HB systems are located either below deck or blended in upon an open deck.

For enquiries please advise the number of people, space(s) available and where the treated effluent can be discharged, such as river, canal, harbour or sea, to sales@biodigester.com

In some cases the waste water can be treated on shore using our normal Biodigester products.

Pumping systems also available for untreated and treated Wastewater.




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Mark and his team designed and developed a bespoke biodigester for our houseboat and it works brilliantly. A very economical and environmentally friendly solution!