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Pumps help to keep your Biodigester working efficiently in areas where your septic tank may be a longer distance from your property.


Further information

Pump performance

Each pump performance curve illustrates what can actually be achieved and the interrelationship between Flow and Total Head.

Each pump typically works within the range of 25% - 75% of Maximum Quoted Flow and 25% - 75% of Maximum Quoted Head.

Please check each application with BES Ltd.

Manufacturer's figures

The figures quoted by pump manufacturers for Maximum Flow and Maximum Head can be misleading.

Always check the application when ordering pump(s) or a Package Pumping Station.

The explanation for these figures is set out below.

First figure quoted

The quoted flow is the maximum flow achieved when there is ‘No Head to pump against’, so this value is not achievable in practice.

The Total Head consists of the Static Head which is the total height of the lift plus the Friction Loss Head.

The Friction Loss Head depends on the length and internal diameter of the pumping pipe and the pump(s) used and the flow they achieve. These factors are interrelated.

Second figure quoted

The maximum head quoted is the figure at which ‘The flow becomes zero’. So this value is not achievable in practice.

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Keep your Biodigester running smoothly

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Ancillary products & spares

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Your eco-friendly way to treat and dispose of your property's wastewater

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