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Standard Range

Wastewater treatment for up to 2000 people


The Biodigester Standard Range is a bespoke system for the treatment of sewage / waste water for large estates accommodating 2000+ people.

Where no mains drainage is available.

  • Housing developments

  • Hotels

  • Public Houses

  • Industrial sites

  • Caravan sites

  • Nursing and retirement homes

  • Leisure facilities

Biodigester ‘Standards’ are available in three diameters: 2.6m, 3.5m or 4m.


We can either supply the Biodigester EK components or undertake the whole project.​​

At a glance:

  • The Biodigester ‘Standard’ has two stage primary settlement, a submerged aerated filter and final settlement with automatic sludge return and recycle

  • Substantial glassfibre (GRP) construction

  • Populations or Populations Equivalents 100 to 500 in a single tank and larger populations using multiple tanks.

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Your Standard Range questions, answered

How does the Standard Range work? Stages 1 & 2 Primary settlement and storage of solids. The majority of suspended solids are settled as they pass through the two primary settlement tanks. Additional secondary/humus solids returned by the sludge pump/recycling system are also stored. Stage 3 Submerged aerated filter (SAF). Continuous aeration of the submerged mobile plastic media creates a suitable environment for aerobic micro-organisms to grow both attached to the media and in suspension. This provides the substantial degradation of the settled sewage necessary to meet stringent effluent quality regulations The process generates secondary or humus solids. The air blower and controls are housed above ground. Stage 4 The final settlement tank collects the secondary or humus solids which are automatically returned to the primary settlement tanks by the timed sludge return and recycle pump. Substantial recycling of the effluent greatly enhances process efficiency, particularly at sites with variable loading.

How do you custom design the Standard Range? Biodigesters for populations 100-2,000 are custom built for each project. The different requirements for each application and effluent quality are incorporated into specific designs. Stringent levels of Ammoniacal Nitrogen are available. Alternative inlet inverts (drain depths) are also incorporated as required. Burnham Environmental Services provide technical support in all aspects of design, installation and maintenance. The need to pump untreated sewage or treated effluent may be incorporated. Pumping the treated effluent is preferable to pumping the untreated sewage. Where there is a communal kitchen it is essential to provide a grease trap for the kitchen drainage only. BES requires and supplies ‘Full Retention’ grease traps that are normally installed externally. (Refer to ‘Grease Traps’).

How do you size the Standard Range? For housing applications the sizing formula varies according to whether the use is normal residential or for holiday accommodation and according to the size of the development. Discuss loading with BES. For other applications it is essential to estimate the maximum daily volume in litres/day (Hydraulic Loading) and maximum Kg BOD per day (Organic Loading). Refer to BES. Size Biodigester to the greater of the two hydraulic or organic loading. Always check the loading and effluent quality required with BES. Stringent requirements for levels of Ammoniacal Nitrogen as Nitrogen require special sizing. For detailed sizing data refer to British Water’s Table Flows & Loads 4.

How do you install the Standard Range? Biodigester sewage treatment plants in the range 100-2,000 require a concrete base and surround. Specifications are available for ‘Wet Ground’. Heavier duty tanks with holding down straps may also be specified. The power supply required is either single phase or three phase for the largest applications.

Do you offer alarms for the Standard Range? Comprehensive alarm systems are offered for on site monitoring or connection to any telephone line including mobile telephones.

Why use a Standard Range Biodigester? - Underground installation - Simple but efficient process - Suitable for variable loadings such as caravan sites public houses and sports facilities - Automatic recycling system - Mobile filter media will not block Ease of maintenance - Stringent effluent qualities - Long established company - Worldwide service - Designs for specific projects

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