T Range: 6–42 persons

The T Range Biodigester is a total aeration sewage / waste water treatment plant manufactured in glassfibre (GRP) for simple underground installation. A small air blower is used to provide a supply of air so that naturally occurring micro-organisms grow and degrade the waste water including solids. The final effluent produced is a clear odourless liquid suitable for discharge into a watercourse or a system of soakaway trenches.

The T Range Biodigester has the significant advantage of continuous recirculation without any underground moving parts. No septic sludge is stored and as a result the Biodigester product has a unique odour free operation guarantee. A Biodigester treatment plant provides the modern environmentally friendly alternative to malodorous septic tanks and cesspools. The substantial retained volume of T Range Biodigesters provides a class leading prolonged emptying interval of typically three years. The Biodigester product is entirely suitable for variable loadings.




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We have had the Biodigester T6 since 2006.

It is absolutely great!

Mrs KG