Biodigester installation

Excavate a hole 300mm wider and 200mm deeper than the relevant unit.

Check the water table. If there is any chance of the water rising above the base of the unit then the Wet Ground method must be used.

Install 200mm base of sand, gravel, scalpings or concrete.

Place BIODIGESTER onto base, work ribs into base and check levels carefully.

Fill the BIODIGESTER with water.

If you have a high water table the Wet Ground anchors must be covered with at least 250mm of concrete to the minimum quantity specified by the data sheet.

Backfill with gravel or concrete as preferred.

Sewage treatment install: how much concrete to cover the anchors?

T6 - 3m³

T12 - 4m³

4T18 - 5m³

T24 - 10m³

T30 - 12.5m³

T36 - 15m³

For more detailed installation information, specifications and other information, contact us direct.

Installation is simple in areas of a high water table. Just cover the anchors with the quantity of concrete specified in the appropriate datasheet.




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Mr G McC

We have had the Biodigester for several years and are very pleased with it, thank you. It doesn’t smell and we don’t need to empty it often.