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Oil & fuel interceptors


Oil and fuel interceptors separate oil and fuel from your wastewater to avoid contaminating the surrounding area during discharge. There are two types of oil and fuel interceptors.

Do I need an oil and fuel interceptor?

You'll need an oil and fuel interceptor in places where your wastewater is likely to become contaminated. For example, in businesses such as car washes.


Oil & fuel interceptors

By pass separators

By-pass separators are available in a number of different designs. All fundamentally separate oil from areas of surface water drainage and have a special design feature so that at times of heavy rainfall the main collection chamber is by-passed. This prevents any collected oil from being flushed out. Any oil in the storm flow is also separated out.

The advantage of a By-pass separator is that is can be smaller than a Full Retention separator.

The typical application is low risk vehicle parking areas.

Full retention separators

Full Retention separators are typically required for high risk fuel storage areas, filling areas for road, rail and air transport, industrial and other applications.

Full Retention separators must be specified to meet strict regulations that apply for discharges into water courses and also foul sewers.

Full Retention separators have an Automatic Closure Device that shuts the tank off when the oil contained reaches the maximum storage volume and an alarm is simultaneously set off. This is to allow for significant fuel/oil spillages or leaks.

Vehicle wash water

Where the washing of vehicles takes place an oil interceptor on its own will not produce an effluent quality that is acceptable for discharge into a watercourse. In this situation a BES Biodigester treatment system is required to attain a suitable standard.

BES supplies a range of oil and fuel separators and interceptors. Please supply details of particular projects.

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