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The eco-friendly way to treat and dispose of wastewater from homes, businesses & industry

When you need to easily dispose of wastewater from properties not connected to mains drainage


A biodigester is a treatment plant that safely treats and disposes of wastewater from properties without access to black and grey water drainage.


The tank uses natural micro-organisms and oxygen to break down solids in the wastewater. Biodigesters in our range produce a clear odourless effluent for safe disposal.


Biodigesters are available in a wide range of sizes for homes and businesses and are self-contained. No chemicals are needed and some do not need to be emptied at all, so nasty work is avoided.

Your Biodigester works for you

Tried and tested designs you can rely on 

Burnham Environmental Ltd. has made Biodigesters for over 25 years. We offer the widest range of treatment plants for wastewater, sewage and industrial effluents.


Because your Biodigester uses organic means to break down the wastewater, harsh chemicals that can harm the environment are not normally required.

Suitable for variable loadings

Biodigesters in our range are suitable for variable loadings at sites such as caravan parks, pubs, restaurants and hotels.

Reduces phosphorus by 99%

The PHR Range of Biodigesters are specifically designed to reduce 99% of phosphorus from your wastewater.


Where is the wastewater you need to get rid of?

At a smaller application

6-42 people


Using a pre-existing septic tank

in some applications


At a medium-sized application

55-100 people


On a boat

Or other shallow dig applications

An industrial complex.

At a larger application

100-2000+ people

Automatic Car Wash

At a wide range of industrial plants

Brewery, food processing or car wash


Got waste organic matter, not wastewater?

Contact us for information on biogas systems

3 steps to your Biodigester

See what you need your Biodigester for and the proposed size.


See which regulations your Biodigester needs to follow, or contact us to find out.


Contact us to discuss the best Biodigester for you.



Designers, manufacturers & suppliers of wastewater treatment systems
since 1987

For over 35 years, Burnham Environmental have successfully designed and manufactured many of the products we sell, including the T-Range, HBAW, Bonus & Standard ranges.

Our Biodigester systems are market-leading wastewater treatment plants for domestic and industry settings due to their robust glassfibre or polypropylene construction.

We have the widest range of wastewater treatment products available from one company, and can supply to the

UK and worldwide.

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The organic wastewater treatment tank for your property that doesn't create bad odours

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Your eco-friendly way to treat and dispose of your property's wastewater

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